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5 Simple Steps To Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Gutting

Kitchens are known to be the heart and soul of a home. Warmness, comfort, and an undeniable aroma of tasty foods which lingers throughout the entire home are created from this one room. Throughout the years, though, your kitchen may have become a little dated and need a make-over. However, the two major problems with an entire renovation is the inconvenience of not having a kitchen and expenses of a full remodel. Instead of gutting your kitchen, let’s take a look at the top 5 ways you can improve your kitchen without the full scale change.

  1. Countertop, Sink, & Faucet – For kitchen remodels, the biggest area of concern that my clients express is their taste for counter-tops. They don’t have a problem with their cabinets; just the counters. Instead of renovating everything from the ground up, simply order new counter-tops to your liking (and budget). This will save you time and money, and you can also spruce the look up a little bit with a new sink and faucet which will truly bring your kitchen an updated look at well.
  2. Add That Trim – Kitchens tend to get the least attention to detail with regard to their decorative features. In other words, I find a significant number of kitchens go with the simple paint job and not worry too much about the trim or molding because they are concerned about the appliances and cabinets. However, you can add significant value and make your kitchen pop with the addition of trim to the cabinets or crown molding throughout the room. This is one of the easy ways for you to add warmness and a unique feel to your kitchen and save/make money as well.
  3. Cabinets & Islands – If your kitchen has enough space, you can make a tremendous improvement to your kitchen by either adding a few cabinets or a kitchen island. The increased amount of storage and new layout of the overall room will do wonders with creating an updated look for you as well (as well as any potential buyers if you are planning on selling). On a side of caution with this, make sure you have at least 36” between counter surfaces if you choose to go with an island; this amount of space is the typical code standard for space to walk.
  4. Heated Ceramic Floors – As one of the bigger projects on this list, it is still easier than completely gutting the entire kitchen and will add a significant value to your kitchen. Think about how many times you have stepped barefoot onto the kitchen floor and reconsidered getting the food that you so desperately wanted. The cold toes problem would be resolved and you would add an immense amount of value to the home when/if you decide to sell.

Overall, there is a full range of ways that you can upgrade your kitchen. Projects like changing the countertop (with sink and faucet), adding trim and molding, and installing more cabinetry or adding a kitchen island are smaller in scale but add a tremendous value to your kitchen. Other larger projects like refacing the cabinets or installing heated ceramic floors can also add significant value to your kitchen (and home) at a fraction of the cost of a complete remodel of the room. Think about the best ways for you to increase the value of your kitchen, and contact me if you have any questions or immediate needs.

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