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Custom Molding Ideas

The addition of custom molding is one of the best ways to not only increase the value of your property, but also to emphasize the uniqueness of your home. In a large room with high ceilings, wide custom molding can transform a cavernous space to a warm and inviting room. However, the biggest obstacle that homeowners experience is the notion of getting started. To help you spark some thoughts and conversation, here are some custom molding ideas to consider:

  • Custom Crown Molding – One of the first ideas for homeowners when they consider the option of custom molding is crown molding. The addition of the woodwork almost instantly changes the feel of the room, and truly adds distinctiveness. However, if you want to take the traditional crown molding to another level, you can customize them with stop beads on the top and bottom. The stop beads will add visual thickness and depth to the decorative crown molding, and truly elicit warmth to a room with higher ceilings.
  • Custom Baseboard Molding – Creating a decorative baseboard molding is not the norm for most homeowners. However, you can truly add individuality with custom baseboard work. Start with your regular baseboard molding and add: (1) shoe molding to bring out the bottom of the profile, (2) bead molding to start the top of the profile, (3) a stop bead to enhance the thickness, and (4) cove molding to top off the entire profile. With those simple steps you now have a great custom look and feel.
  • Custom Casing Molding – Many homeowners will opt for a molding that can be bought at a store and installed in a few simple minutes. Do yourself (and your home) some justice by spending only a few more minutes and create a custom molding for your doors and windows. You can accomplish this by utilizing a decorative baseboard molding or wood, and joining that together with decorative corner molding. Not only do you now have the design options, but you also add unique features that cannot be found in another home.
  • Custom Chair Rail – Chair rails are features of a home that are generally overlooked, but are fantastic if the proper attention is given. You have the opportunity to be extraordinarily creative with your chair rail design as you start with a backer board and build up your design from there. The ideas for this are truly infinite and provide a detail that many homes today do not have.

In general, custom molding projects bring out uniqueness and warmth to a home through individualized designs and personal tastes. Not only do you have the opportunity to customize your house with chair rails, casings, baseboard and crown, but you also have the chance to truly make a house your home.

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