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Everything You Need to Know About Marble Countertops

Everything You Need to Know About Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Gleaming marble countertops can make for a sophisticated addition to your home’s kitchen or bathroom if you are looking into home renovation options. However, you should not take on the installation of a marble countertop or indeed a countertop of any material unless you have both the experience and the tools to do so. If you lack either the tools or the experience, hire a construction company in CT to do it for you.

Like any countertop material, marble has both upsides and downsides to its usage. Consulting a home construction company can provide you with more insights than those listed here:


Marble’s biggest advantages are that it is beautiful and can make your home seem more elegant by its mere presence. Its range of color and its richer patterns make it the more appealing visual option compared to other materials, such as wood and plastic, used in countertops.


Unfortunately, marble countertops are high maintenance compared to other countertop options. Their porous nature means that they are easily stained by liquid contaminants. You can help protect your marble countertops by coating them in a protective seal, but sealants are not indestructible. Excess heat, acid from foods such as lemons, and even prolonged water exposure can serve to destroy the seal and let in contaminating liquid.

Using Marble

Due to its high maintenance nature, marble countertops are best used in places that see less use and thus less exposure to damaging elements. For example, using marble for a kitchen countertop where you can expect to handle a great number of cooking ingredients that can either damage the marble’s seal or stain its surface is a bad idea.

Instead, you should install marble countertops in highly visible places that see little traffic. However, if you insist on marble countertops in places where they are likely to get damaged, take care to use coasters, clean up messes immediately, and to reapply another layer of sealant every so often.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marble is beautiful but easily damaged and rather high maintenance.
  • Maintain marble by avoiding contact with liquids that can stain, cleaning up messes right away, and making sure that its seal is still intact.

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