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Extend your Time Outdoors with a Summer Screen Porch

Extend your Time Outdoors with a Summer Screen Porch

As the weather gets warmer, people tend to long for fresh air and a way to spend more time outside. Unfortunately for most people, some of the negative aspects to being outdoors outweigh the positive, preventing them from truly experiencing the outdoors at all. By either adding walls and screening to an already existing porch, or starting a project to create a beautiful addition to your home, a screen porch can add extra benefits to your home while preventing certain outdoor problems from ruining your plans.

Benefits of a Summer Screen Porch

Whether eating outside or just relaxing, a screen porch can prevent some of the outdoor problems from getting in the way of doing exactly what you want. Here are just some of the benefits to installing a screen porch that you might want to consider:

  • Keeping Mosquitoes Away: Nothing ruins the mood when trying to relax or have a meal outside than mosquitoes that won’t let up. A screen porch will keep these villains a bay, allowing you to peacefully enjoy your time outside.
  • Blocking the Sun: Not only can the sun do harm to your skin if you don’t protect yourself, but it can also be quite a nuisance if it is shining in your face or distracting you. Eliminate problems and worry with a screen porch. The built-in roof provides a simple solution for avoiding the harmful and bothersome rays of the sun.
  • Avoiding Bad Weather: Don’t let bad weather keep you cooped up inside. The protective roof will help you stay safe and dry while enjoying the feel of the outdoors. Having company over? Forget about “rain dates” with a screen porch, and have company over in rain or shine.
  • Saving Porch Furniture: When you invest in expensive outdoor furniture, you expect it to stay nice as long as possible. With a screen porch and protective roof, you don’t need to worry about covering or putting away your furniture every time it isn’t being used or when the weather gets bad.
  • Place for Children to Play: Keeping children entertained isn’t always easy, and a rainy day or bad weather can make that job even harder. A screened-in porch allows children to get outside while still staying safe and protected.
  • Adding Appeal and Value to your House: Maybe you aren’t looking to sell your house now, but if you do in the future, a screen porch will add appeal and value to your home. Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful addition to your house until that time!

Building the Right Screen Porch

Depending on your budget and how fancy you want to get, the range of options for general choices and add-ons to your summer screen porch can extend in various directions. Additions such as skylights, fans, outlets, heating systems or even glass panels for the winter are all possible additions based on preference.  Some of the more basic decisions include choosing the proper weather proof material for the porch and walls, as well as the type of screening that would be used.  Prior to these decisions, a proper estimate would need to be done on your property or existing porch to determine exactly what needs to be done and what would work best for your yard.

Key Takeaways:

  • A screen porch helps keep the mosquitoes away. Allowing you to enjoy your time outside during the warm months.
  • Looking for more light, add a skylight.
  • Increases the value of your home.

Need Help?

If you’re looking to install a summer screen porch or simply have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Cipriani Construction.

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