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How Long Will it Take to Build a New Home?

How Long Will it Take to Build a New Home?

One of the first questions anyone looking to build or remodel their home will ask a contractor is “How long will it take to build a new home?”

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Each remodel is different and the amount of time from start to completion varies, depending on a several factors.


Each remodel must be planned carefully to make sure the job is done safely and gives the homeowner the results he wants. Contractors need to spend some time up front preparing for the start of construction and making sure they comply with all local building rules and regulations.


Ordering and receiving materials at the job site also adds extra time to the remodel. Contractors must ensure that quality products are used and certain items, such as custom cabinets, might take longer to arrive than others.


Weather is also an important aspect of how long its takes for a home remodel. A remodel in an area that receives frequent rain will take longer than one taking place in a dry climate. Construction that occurs in harsh winter weather may take longer than building that happens at other times of the year.


The size of the home and the size of room or rooms being remodeled plays a key role in the time to completion. Larger remodels, such as adding an entire room, will take longer than smaller jobs, such as a standard bathroom overhaul or finishing a basement.

Time Frame

Although it’s impossible to give an exact time frame for a particular remodeling job, certain types of jobs take longer than others. For example, adding on a room to a house typically takes between 10 to 24 weeks. Finishing a basement or remodeling a master bath may take between 6 to 12 weeks, while a less complicated job such as adding a deck might take as little as two weeks, in some cases.

Key Takeaways:

  • No contractor can give a homeowner an exact completion time
  • Time to completion depends on a variety of factors
  • Some types of remodeling jobs take longer than others
  • Weather plays a vital role in the length of time it takes to finish a remodel

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