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Transform Your Bathroom through Renovation

Transform Your Bathroom through Renovation

Renovating a bathroom in your home, not only updates the look and improves functionality, but if done correctly, also adds value to your home. However, before you tear into the drywall and rip out the vanity, here are some tips to consider for your bathroom renovation.


Unlike renovating other rooms such as a bedroom or office, with bathroom renovation, plumbing must be taken into consideration. As a general rule of thumb, if you do not have to alter any of your current plumbing, then the cost of the bathroom renovation will be cheaper than if you do need to change the layout of the pipes. This is something to consider when designing the layout.

Bathtub or Shower?

Many people like to change a tub space to a walk-in shower. While this can be aesthetically very appealing, it might hurt the resale of the home down the road. For example, even if you always take a shower, a potential buyer may want the tub option. Additionally, when the home is listed, a bathroom with just a shower is listed as a 3/4 bathroom, while a bathroom with a shower and tub combo is listed as a full bathroom.

Number of Sinks

Depending on the layout of the bathroom, you might wish to have two sinks in the vanity area. This “his” and “hers” combo can be very functional as you and your significant other will not have to fight for sink space in the morning. However, one thing to consider is the loss of counter space. An extra sink means there will be a smaller countertop space overall.

Shower Skins

Do you have a dirty shower that seems tired and a little gross? Well, rather than putting an entirely new shower in, there are skins that can be purchased that simply lay over your existing shower. These skins are sealed so no water gets behind them and can freshen the bathroom at a fraction of the cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider the plumbing when planning your bathroom renovation.
  • Determine whether you want to have a bathtub, shower or bathtub shower combo.
  • Consider the number of sinks you want in the vanity area.
  • Consider using shower overlays to save money on renovating the shower area.

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