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Potential Snags During Home Renovations & How You Can Avoid Them

Home renovations are the stepping stone for adding value to your home, making necessary improvements to sell your home and just an exciting part of home ownership in general.

Basics of home renovation include facing difficulties head-on; you must plan the project according to needs, wants, and your financial capabilities to cover expenses and potential pitfalls. With the right planning and preparation for your renovation, you can meet the unexpected with solutions.

Unrealistic Plans

Expenses for home renovations vary from project-to-project. The basis of a renovation is to outline the project, get pricing information for materials, find a contractor and receive proper training to complete the work.

Invite a home inspector to review your home. Ensure the inspector views the renovation area thoroughly so you will know the layout of your home, hidden problems in the area and what you need to do to complete the project in a timely manner. Homeowners tend to underestimate the costs of renovations because of optimism, but you can take precaution and identify problem areas now.

Absurd Contractors

Construction contractors can cause more harm than good if you are not careful. Use caution when hiring a contractor to assist in renovating your home because you can enter a land of no return including substantial fees, hidden agendas and unrealistic time tables for completion.

Consider This:

  • Complete your own research to find out the costs for the renovation.
  • Check the background of the construction contractors.
  • Review time tables of the same renovations for your home.

If you do not work with a contractor, try to receive the right training or learn how to use tools safely. Track the progress of your contractor, ask questions if you do not understand a problem and take control of the process if the contractor does not follow through on promises.

Wrong Timing of Home Renovations

Snow, rain, wind, and ice can halt a renovation if you start the project too late in the wrong seasons. Consider speaking with a professional about the proper starting time for large, exterior renovations to avoid costly damage from weather including flooding, snow fall, and destroyed materials.

Many homeowners make the mistake of attempting full-fledged renovations on their own without planning for roadblocks. If you decide to move forward on your project, use diligence and patience as a measurement for making decisions. A few extra weeks or months of planning can save you thousands of dollars from damages, wasted time and unexpected changes in plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Conduct thorough research before hiring a contracting company.
  • Make sure both you and the contractors are on the same page regarding finances and also the time-table of the project.
  • Stay in control of the construction by asking questions, staying informed, and establishing good communication with your contractor.

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