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Should You Replace Your Roof Before Winter?

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Winter?

Roof replacement is one of the more common types of home renovation in Connecticut. If you are wondering whether or not to replace your roof, you should take the changing seasons into consideration.

In Connecticut, major construction should be done before the winter, because winter conditions are more dangerous and the work is more difficult during that season.

When to Replace Your Roof

Getting a new roof for your home by hiring the services of a construction company in Connecticut can help you out in a number of ways. First, a new roof can boost the value of your home, which is likely the single most valuable asset in your possession.

Second, replacing your roof means that you no longer have to worry about potential damages that can come from having an old one. Such issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Rot from excess moisture
  • Water damage from leaks in your old roof
  • The risk of a potential collapse

Third, a new roof that improves the insulation of your home can  help save money on utility bills during the winter.

Why You Should Replace Your Roof Before Winter

If you have decided to get your roof replaced, you should do so before the onset of winter. This is because conditions for roofers become more dangerous during the winter when your roof is cluttered with snow and possibly slippery from ice.

Furthermore, the supplies and equipment that roofers use to replace your roof may be designed for summer conditions, meaning that they will not work properly during winter and may result in shoddy work.

Finally, if you are getting your roof replaced because there are leaks or ventilation problems with your roof, those problems will worsen dramatically during winter.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are going to replace your roof, you should do so before winter.
  • A new roof can help boost the value of your home, ensure that it has no problems keeping you safe and dry, and can even lower your heating bill during winter.
  • Winter brings a host of conditions that make it hard to replace your roof and difficult to endure the roof replacement process.

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