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The Best Season to Renovate Your Home in Connecticut

Remodeling in the summer is always tempting because it is when the weather is warmest and mildest in Connecticut.

However, this only benefits outdoor projects and projects with fumes, and it may cost you significantly more than waiting until fall to begin the project.

The right time to start a remodeling project in Connecticut depends, almost entirely, on what you are remodeling. Below are three simple steps to remodeling your Connecticut home at the best possible price.

Tip 1: Know the Price Cycle in Your Area

Like all other goods, building supply prices rise and fall with the supply and demand in the market. During the late spring and summer, when contractors are the busiest, lumber and other building supplies will be at their price peak. Even if you decide your project demands that you build in the summer, it is wise to plan your renovation and purchase supplies in the winter when prices are low, and when sales guarantee the best prices.

Tip 2: Plan According to the Weather

Many indoor jobs, like laying new carpet, replacing molding and putting up wallpaper-type borders can be done in the rain or during the cold of winter. Save the pretty months of the year for projects that either require work to be done outside or require ventilation.

Projects that require ventilation, like resurfacing wooden floors, painting, or cleaning with toxic chemicals like bleach, ammonia or muriatic acid, should be accomplished in late April and early May, or in September. During these months, average temperatures are in the 70s and 80s and windows can be opened to provide ventilation while preserving the comfortable temperatures of the home.

When planning outdoor remodels, like roofing, painting or room additions, July is the best bet, as it is the driest month in the year, averaging only 3 inches of rainfall. However, July is also known for having at least one violent storm system.

Tip 3: Stay Ahead of the Game When Planning Major Replacements

Major replacements, such as windows, furnaces and other major installations that will require the attention of a professional are often left until something breaks. Do not wait until your heater is in need of repair and it is 12 degrees outside to have it maintenanced.

Have your furnace checked every September and your AC checked every March to ensure it is in working order. If repairs or replacement are required, getting a professional to oversee the repairs will not take as long or cost as much.

Similarly, most people have windows and doors replaced in the middle of summer. Call your door and window specialist to evaluate your home and offer a quote in March and plan to have the work done in April or early May, before their peak season hits and their labor hours are at a premium.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be aware of the sale cycle in your area and plan your remodel well in advance to buy supplies at the best price.
  • Do outdoor projects during the dry season.
  • Do projects that require ventilation when the temperatures are mild.
  • Save indoor work for the wet and winter seasons.
  • Contract professionals to do highly technical repairs during their slow season to save on labor.

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