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The Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Construction companies in Connecticut can help you with your kitchen renovation, but you first need to know a few things about how much you can spend, your goals and some basic remodeling plans. Renovating a kitchen is a major undertaking. Make sure that you have the finances and basics covered before beginning the remodeling project.

Kitchen Renovation Costs

You’ll need to come up with a complete budget for your project that includes how much money you have available to spend. After calculating your costs, add on an additional 15 percent for unexpected expenses along the way. Consider the possibility that the construction company might find mold or mildew and you can begin to see how the initial cost might change during construction. Brainstorm the following information before contacting a construction company.

  • Estimate a project budget.
  • Determine remodeling goals.
  • Current and estimated final square footage.

Floor Plans and Design

Are you looking to hire a designer to help with the remodeling or do you plan on simply talking with the construction company to talk about possible options? If you don’t need a designer, you can save some money.

  • How will you decide on a floor plan? Hiring a designer or seeking the advice of the construction company?
  • Do you need to remove any walls?
  • Do you have the permits or will the construction company get them for you?

Electrical Work

Electrical work can be tricky and should only be completed by a qualified electrician. Construction companies in Connecticut usually have electricians either on their staff or on-call to perform these duties.

  • Does the wiring need to be replaced? If you have old wiring, this is the best and cheapest time to replace it.
  • Is a sub panel needed?
  • Do you need a phone or cable line installed to watch movies and talk on the phone while preparing dinner?
  • How many outlets and switches do you have and wish to have? Also, decide on the type and color. Consider adding dimmers to reduce electricity costs.

Miscellaneous Items

Other things to consider include the type of doors, windows, tile, walls, whether the plumbing needs to be upgraded, what type of cabinets to install, the types of countertops, sinks, flooring and appliances that you want to include in the renovation. Making a list of everything, calculating the cost and consulting with construction companies in Connecticut will help you with your kitchen renovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop a complete budget for the process
  • Think about floor plans and design
  • Hire a professional for electrical work

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