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What Goes into Choosing Materials and Aesthetics of a Project?

What Goes into Choosing Materials and Aesthetics of a Project?

Given the current depressed state of the property market, it makes sense for a homeowner to stay put and consider making home improvements and renovations that make his home more livable, as well as increase its value. Creating additional living space, renovating a kitchen and bathroom, and improving a master suite are all popular choices for home renovation projects. As well as being updating the home, they are likely to give a good return on investment, adding add least five percent to the value of the home.

During the initial design stage of a project, much thought and consideration is given to the aesthetics of the project, the desired look or style to be achieved and the available budget. These days, the popularity of interior decoration considerations means that there are wide-ranging products available at all price points, and similar looks can be achieved, whether custom-made or store-bought products are utilized in the completion of the project.

Interior design styles have evolved through the centuries in response to the changing tastes of the public and the increased availability of merchandise. The first element to consider in determining the materials to be used is the design style to be achieved and how it will blend with adjoining spaces and the overall style of the property. While a clashing juxtaposition of styles can work, such as designing an ultra modern minimalist space within a Victorian-era house, homeowners often favor interiors that are in keeping with the period of the property, which highlight its architectural features. In addition to the personal preferences of the homeowner, colors, materials and installations will essentially be dictated by the style to be achieved. two popular styles today are:

Urban Loft Style

Vast open living spaces rooms are enhanced with the use of neutral paint colors to create the appearance of further light and space. Stainless steel and other metals are used to add to the industrialized urban vibe.

Traditional Style

Those that prefer formality and want to showcase the architectural beauty of their homes should opt to for traditional style. Where furnishings, accessories and paint colors will be of the period of the home. Jewel tones and sumptuous fabrics such as silks and brocades also enhance the effect.

The design professionals at construction companies in Connecticut can assist homeowners to avoid costly mistakes by working with them to make choices that will work well in their homes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research the architectural period of the property to showcase its heritage.
  • Shop around and compare fixtures, accessories and paints thoroughly before making purchases.
  • Seek the help of experts in developing the design aesthetic of the project.
  • Watch television shows and look at interior design magazines to get inspiration for home renovation projects.
  • Visit open houses to get ideas that you can replicate.

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