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What to Look for in a Connecticut Construction Company

What to Look for in a Connecticut Construction Company

A well-planned and executed renovation not only modernizes a home and improves its livability, but can provide a good return on investment, often significantly increasing the value of a Connecticut home. Popular improvements that generally make good economical sense include adding additional square footage to the living space, kitchen and bathroom remodels and improvement of the usefulness of outdoor space with the addition of a deck. These projects can be completed cost-effectively and efficiently providing that an experienced and licensed construction company is utilized.

Remember: not all construction companies in Connecticut are equal, and it is important to research and compare contractors in the specific geographic location before entering into a contract with one for deck construction or any other home improvement project. Use these helpful tips when looking for a Connecticut construction company:

  1. Before contacting any Connecticut construction company, decide specifically what you want to achieve and prepare a proposal for the work to be completed. Include size, materials to be used, and your vision for its design. It is important to give all contractors the same instructions so that you can compare their quotations.
  2. Ask trusted family and friends who have recently had home improvement projects completed to give their recommendations on the companies they used.
  3. Obtain quotations from at least three construction companies prior to making a selection.
  4. Check that the construction company is currently insured and bonded.
  5. Check that the company’s state license is current. This information is available from the Department of Consumer Protection License Services Division in Hartford.
  6. Contact the local Better Business Bureau to find out of the company is accredited.  Seek customer reviews and find out what, if any, complaints have been made about the company.
  7. Ensure that the contract you enter into with the construction company includes important information, such as ensuring that all required permits have been obtained prior to start of the work, a detailed time schedule for the completion of the work, the cost and payment schedule, the materials to be used, and what action will be taken to remedy any issues that arise.
  8. A deck construction project in Connecticut really can prove a worthwhile investment, as well as give the homeowner increased enjoyment of their outdoor space. Selecting a reputable construction company is the first step in bringing the project to fruition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be specific about what is to be achieved.
  • Take the time to research and compare companies.
  • Monitor progress closely.

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